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    BD M-Pulse2

    Reliably detects metals in packaged and upackaged products on conveyor belts
    Maintenance-free design with automatic and continuous calibration of detector coils
    simple and intuitive operation
    fully automatic learning process…

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    BD M-Pulse2pro/M-Pulse3

    Metal detector for installation in conveyor belts

    Highest metal detection performance with multi-simultaneous-frequency technology / multiscan technology
    User-friendly control unit with M-PULSE 3 for reliable, safe, and easy operation

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    Compact Series

    Ultra-compact design
    Maintenance-free separation system only for bulk materials
    Device-specific up to 5,400 l/h material throughput
    Compressed-air ejection
    Optionally high-temperature application

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    Detector AVEK CKDE

    Metal Detektor farmasi dapat beroperasi dengan prinsip jatuh bebas berbasis gravitasi dan digunakan untuk pemeriksaan tablet dan kapsul setelah proses tablet dan de-duster. Kontaminan logam terdeteksi dan secara otomatis ditolak…

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    Extraktor Series

    • unique ejection system for integration in suction conveyor – the pipe
    • remains closed during the ejection of metal impurity!
    • easily integrated into the suction conveyor line with hose connection

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    INFlex (for meat pumps)

    Available for all usual machines (e.g. Vemag, Handtmann, Frey,
    Risco, Rex)
    Simple integration adapters for the most common sausage filler
    Optional ejection valves / wring-off
    Easy dismantling for cleaning

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    Specific Characteristic

    Design in stainless steel
    Protection class IP69K
    Fade-out of product-effect
    Different ejection valves available
    Separate control unit
    Stable base frame
    Individual construction

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    KR / KRS

    Separator seri KR dengan aperture 100 mm hingga maksimum 300 mm tersedia untuk aplikasi dengan throughput tinggi atau suku cadang besar. Sensor dilengkapi dengan bingkai untuk pemasangan sederhana. Flap ejektor opsional…

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    SE Metal Separator

    These separators are used for a wide range of applications in the plastics or chemical industry. All the critical machine parts are manufactured from sturdy cast aluminium. This makes the…

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    Devidable stainless steel housing

    available in various detector sizes, adapted for the product
    easy integration into existing systems

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    The VA separator is appropriate for applications in the plastics, the pharmaceutical, the
    chemical or the food industry. The separating mechanics consists of durable stainless steel.
    Different operating electronics allow adapted solutions…

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    Extremely effective, quick-reacting pneumatic outward transfer system
    Separates metal also from slow back-pressure material columns
    Device-specific material throughput of up to 5,400 l/h
    Extremely flat mounting height
    Optionally high-temperature…